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Create consistency in your business by getting consistent about your marketing.

Postcard marketing continues to be a great way to stay in touch with your past clients especiallly when you consider how crowded our email boxes are. Many studies have proven that your past clients are much more likely to do business with you than someone who is a complete stranger. Your past clients already know and like you and will come to expect your postcard monthly when you get consistent with your marketing and have a solid postcard marketing system

We often get questions about "postcard marketing ideas" for marketing to broad groups/farms/mailing lists. and we have a very simple answer....DONT' REINVENT THE WHEEL...and take your precious selling time to do what we can do for as little as $69 a month when you mail the postcards yourself. 

PrinterBees can take over your marketing consistency headaches for a small handling fee* of only $14 for every 100 clients we mail to for you.  See the details here

Build Your Business With
Postcards Your Prospects Will Keep!

Our monthly postcard program includes custom full color postcards your clients will keep around.  We know they will keep your postcard marketing around because our postcard marketing program has really useful information on every postcard we mail out/print on your behalf. Postcards are designed and created just a few weeks prior to them being mailed to ensure the information on them is relevant to what people are discussing around the water cooler. We also provide great recipes that any mom or dad can whip up in less than 20 minutes.  We don't do complicated recipes that end up in the "round file".  The recipes are "busy mom" approved! 

This month's choices include:

monthly postcard marketing
postcard marketing
monthly postcard marketing
monthly postcards
Sample Mailing Side of the postcard -
With a Headshot
Sample Mailing Side of the postcard -
Without a Headshot
monthly postcards
monthly postcards

Your clients will love receiving these great postcards and will appreciate it by becoming consistent repeat customers. Register below to begin your monthly postcard program. Your clients will love remember you IF they hear from you!

Who should consider using postcard marketing as part of their marketing plan?
Real Estate Marketing - "real estate marketing postcards" "realtor marketing postcards" "marketing real estate"
Mortgage and Lending Marketing - "mortgage postcard marketing"
Insurance agents/agencies - "insurance postcard marketing"
Dental Offices - "dental marketing postcards" "appointment reminders"