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PrinterBees Prints QR Codes
PrinterBees Generates QR Codes

QR Code Generators and printing QR Codes on marketing materials is the latest and greatest method of attracting potential clients to your on-line marketing presence.

QR Codes bring the physical world together with the digital world with the quick scan of a QR Code from your smart phone.

The three minute video below illustrates how using QR Codes in your marketing makes your marketing more effective.

Use the QR Code Generator on the right to generate your own QR Code. There is no charge to generate your own QR Code. They are completely free and when you print with PrinterBees, we will generate the QR code for you and add it to your marketing piece at no additional charge


Option 1: Generate a QR your self

Generate a QR Code (Here's how to do it)

Choose the type of QR Code you wish to generate. Click the appropriate tab at the top.

Enter the information you wish the person to recieve when they scan your QR Code. i.e. web address, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, a text message, your phone number or an email message.

Once you have entered the information, click on submit. your QR Code will show up on the right. Right click ON the QR Code and click "Save Image As".

Your QR Code has been generated and is ready for your to use on your marketing materials.

Option 2: Let us generate and print it for you

QR Codes can be printed on anything PrinterBees prints. Simply provide where you wish your QR Code to point and we will generate one for you. You always receive a proof prior to printing and we encourage you to test it before we print it. Contact PrinterBees for any questions you have regarding QR Codes.

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