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Earn additional residual income by allowing PrinterBees to license your design work. PrinterBees is now offering graphics designers, design students and freelance designers the opportunity to have their designs/templates presented as part of our portfolio of design options.

Designers who wish to earn additional residual income should submit their designs for review according the following:
PrinterBees currently only accepts designs that are "UNFLATTENED" and in the Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator Format. Photoshop is preferred. Files must not be flattened, must be editable and must be set up according to our Photoshop and Illustrator templates. Click Here Now To Download Adobe Templates. Not all designs will be accepted and must be approved prior to being posted on the PrinterBees website.

Learn more about project here:

We are currently in need of the following:

Business Card Designs for:

  • Herbalife
  • Mona.vie
  • ACN
  • Avon

    Real Estate Related
  • Keller Williams Business Cards
  • Century 21 Business Cards
  • Coldwell Banker Business Cards
  • Remax Business Cards
  • Prudential
  • General Real Estate business cards


  • Just Listed Postcards (4X6, 5.5 X 8.5)
  • Just Sold Postcards (4X6, 5.5 X 8.5)
  • Real Estate Farming Postcards


  • Save The Date Postcards and Magnets (Various sizes)


  • Appointment reminder cards (4X6)
  • "it's been a while/we've missed you" type postcards (4X6)

More categories to be added soon. The above categories are all in high demand based on PrinterBees being listed on page one of Google for all of the above.

Our compensation is very simple.

PrinterBees pays to use the designs you have submitted (and have been approved) every time one of our clients chooses your design for their printing project. Our clients want options and we want to give them what they are looking for. The best way for PrinterBees to give our clients options, keep our designs fresh and current, keep our overhead down, which keeps us competitive is to offer designers like yourself the opportunity have your work posted on our site and pay you each time your design is used.

PrinterBees pays a $5.00 license fee each time your design is used/ordered by one of our clients. We handle all of the customization and all set up for the client, you do nothing other than provide us your designs/art in a format that is editable (as mentioned above) so we can customize your design template to the needs of our clients. If one of your designs is picked 10 times in a week, you earn $50 in additional income for submitting just one design.

To make sure your designs are approved, please follow these guidelines.

  • Business card designs need to include sample text where the contact information would go. Sample text include standard fonts so we can edit on our end without having to change the font or alter the design.
  • Postcards should also include sample text that can be altered per the need of the client.
  • For company specific designs, designer needs to make sure logos are included with the files
  • If your design has a place for a headshot (many of our clients are Realtors), please include a sample headshot so the client knows what the design looks like with the headshot.
  • Designers must use the Adobe templates located HERE to ensure they meet our printing guidelines.

PrinterBees reserves the right to post or "unpost" designs at it's own descretion based on the needs/wants of its client base. PrinterBees has the right to altar submitted designs to meet the needs of our clients. Examples include but are not limited to moving headshots, adding additional text, removing text, rearranging text, adding a second contact, swapping logos, changing color schemes. There will be no change in compensation to the designer when and if PrinterBees needs to change the template in any way to meet the needs of the client. Designer understands that PrinterBees does NOT require permission from the designer when changes are made to the original concept.

By submitting your designs to PrinterBees you agree to the above terms and compensation.