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File Review Services

PrinterBees has a talented staff of graphics designers that are not only talented, but hold degrees in graphics designs and marketing. If you have your file ready for print and simply need assistance or a "second set of eyes" to give you feedback, submit your file below for our graphics designers to review and offer feedback. In many cases, the file just needs a few "minor tweaks" and our graphics designers will make the minor changes or repairs and send your file back ready to print.

File Review Guidelines:
when you upload your file, please make sure your file is not "flattened" if you created it in one of the Adobe Creative Suite Products. In most cases, your file will not be "editable" if you upload it without the layers being accessible. If you don't have an "unflattened" file, send it anyway, our team has many tricks up their sleeves and still may be able to help.

Rejected Files:
Some of our clients have created their own files, but find they keep getting rejected by our quality control department due to file size, bleed or resolution. We want to help you fix your files whenever possible and have a small $5 fee to fix most files. There is one small catch. We can't "fix" files that are sent in Microsoft Publisher, we have to recreate them and are happy to do so. We are happy to recreate anything you have created with MS Publisher, but the fee will be a bit more.

You can upload your MS Publisher file below, and we will contact you with the exact fee to recreate it for you. Many people use this service and save on design fees because they have their project designed, laid out exactly as they want it, it just needs to be recreated in Adobe for our printing presses with the correct bleed, resolution, etc. These types of projects can be done very quickly.

Looking for help on designing the perfect marketing piece?  Need the help of a marketing department, but don't have the resources available?  PrinterBees provides the same services of a marketing department at a fraction of the cost.  Our graphics design team has the experience and the expertise to create custom marketing pieces from start to finish.  Visit our "design services" department to receive a quote on your custom marketing piece.

Design Services Bee
Quick one-week project design turn around times
Incredible low prices, starting as low at $29.99
 *Two rounds of changes and revisions are included with the above prices.  Additional changes can be made at an additional fee.  Fees are determined by artist and must be approved by client prior to artist making additional changes