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Borino Expired PLUS Package

expired listing postcardsExpired Listings Postcards result in extremely targeted Real Estate Marketing

expired listing templatesAll Expired Listing Templates come STANDARD with a graphics designer to set up your print job and customize your marketing. Not a robot or a computer program, a person!

Real estate marketing for expired listings.All real estate marketing templates are created and customized for you by a graphics designer, NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. You're a Realtor®, we'll handle the designing so you can focus on selling real estate!

Tax . Shipping . Customization . INCLUDED!

The Expired PLUS Brochure
Borino Brochure Outside
real estate marketing
Borino Brochure Inside
real estate marketing
Borino Expired PLUS Package (Brochure + 100 of Each of the 4 below)
Postcard 1
expired listing postcard letter
Postcard 2
Postcard 3
expired listing postcards
Postcard 4
Plus one of the backs below:
Design A 4x6 (both sizes)
real estate marketing
Design B (both sizes)
real estate marketing
Design C (both sizes)
real estate marketing
Design D 4x6 (both sizes)
real estate marketing
Design E (both sizes)
real estate marketing
Design F (both sizes)
real estate marketing

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